What I can do for you

You want to better and more strategically communicate with your audience (customers, donors, members) and move them to deeper engagement with your organization, mission or product. But you either don't know where to start or you can't seem to find the time and human resources to keep the project moving toward the finish line.

I can help you evaluate where you are, where you want to be and will leverage the appropriate resources to get you there.

"Yeah, but what do you do?"

Well, it depends. Are you sold yet? Neither would I be. Let's discuss...

I bring you more than twenty years experience solving problems, creating campaigns, testing and measuring results and closing deals. I bring you a wide range of professional experience and relationships with strategic marketing partners and vendors. You deal with me, I deal with the team who gets things done. I report back to you frequently during all phases of the project and you don't have to spend the hours of time you don't have searching for just the right designer, writer, web developer, etc.

Depending on the engagement, I'm your Creative Director, Strategic Planner, Brand Manager, Writer, Email Marketing and/or Website Producer, Social Media Director, Event Planner & Director, Business Process Counsellor, Personal Assistant, Confidential Advisor, and Friend. In most cases, I'm more than one of these. And in every case, I'm professional, experienced, faithful and trustworthy.

As Foghorn Leghorn says, "What's the gimmick, Son? What's it all about?"

You've read about me, haven't you? Then you've seen that I've invested a lot of time in a variety of business and marketing experiences. Here's the obligatory bullet point list of categories where I work:  

  • Web & Email Communication Strategies
  • Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Corporate ID Packages
  • Brand Management
  • Strategic Design & Writing
  • Web Development
  • Event Planning & Execution
  • Public Relations
  • Voiceover & Production